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When I sent a survey to our collegiate ministry listserve, the most common response to the question, “What would you want to see on the ACM blog?” was IDEAS.

So, that is predominantly what this blog is dedicated to, ideating for collegiate ministry.

Justin Wallace (North Carolina-Charolette), Brandon Smith (Northwest Missouri State), and myself (Sojourn Collegiate-Boston) have been arranging some ideas. Thanks to these guys for their hard work.

Here is an outline of content you can count on each week (with your help of course!)

MONDAY – TribaIdeas: “What’s the one idea you HAVE to share with others!” (That excited, too)

: A survey of book reviews, online resources, conferences, etc.

TUESDAY – ResourceRoom

WEDNESDAY – GuestHouse: A monthly topic, with posts from both inside and outside the ACM.

THURSDAY – Thursday3: Tell us about your campus/collegiate ministry in 300 words or less! Our hope would be to profile EVERY ministry of the ACM.

: Real simple. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

FRIDAY – FridayPic

Thanks for checking out the blog…we hope this is a dynamic place where many voices can be heard, we share ideas, and get a great view of what God is doing across the ACM, and anyone doing collegiate ministry.



  1. TribaIdeas: I agree with Alan Hirsch (The Forgotten Ways) that to really be an “organic structure” on campus we must find ways to get into the natural ebb and flow of the life of students.

    Artificial environments won’t cut it as we seek to develop meaningful relationships with “outsiders.” Small groups, one of our main ministry activities, I’m finding, can tend to lean toward being artificial. [Please note, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do small groups, but they need to have a natural feel to them…not an unnatural, artificial feel.]

    Instead, look for opportunities to live life shoulder to shoulder with unbelievers. Attend their campus club meetings and get involved. Participate in campus-wide service projects (at Boise State the university sponsors monthly service projects…a great venue for working alongside students from all backgrounds).

    Be a mission-minded campus minister…look for the opportunities present on your campus to live life, natural (non-artificial) life, with others. As we do, we’ll see we have much to learn about being missional.

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