about our tribe

Formerly the National Association of Christian Campus Ministries (NACCM), now simply the Association of Collegiate Ministries (The ACM) is a worldwide organization committed to reaching the 65 million college students of the world with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our member ministries are affiliated with Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, but are open to students of any religious background or lack thereof. The ACM is a fellowship and support organization offering a variety of services for ministries on university campuses through providing retreats, leadership training conferences, ministry resource tools, mission trips and internship opportunities, consulting, and serving as a catalyst for planting new campus ministries.

In our world of competing worldview, the ACM strives to encourage communities of faith where students can begin and develop their relationships with God and learn to put the love of Christ into action right where they are. We are Bible-centered and action-oriented. Established and governed locally and individually, each of our ministries develops its own uniqueness as it seeks to serve in a specific setting.

The most common name by which our ministries go by on campus is “Christian Student Fellowship”, with the “Christian Campus House” as our second-most-common name. A look at our roster of members can show you what name our local affiliate has chosen on any campus where we are represented. If you are looking for a campus ministry with which to be involved or resources relating to campus ministry, feel free to contact our member ministry nearest you.

Our official list of member ministries can be found here.

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