Posted by: Justin Wallace | February 8, 2011

Disgruntled “boosters”

*The following post was written by Bill Westfall, The Director of Ministry Development for Impact Campus Ministries.

How much should donors drive ministry?

Have you seen the story today on ESPN?  A “major” University of Connecticut donor is demanding a refund of his $3 million donation.  It seems this booster is upset with recent decisions surrounding the football program.  You can read the full story here:

I immediately thought of experiences I have had with both current and potential donors.  Maybe you have too?  A donor makes a “suggestion” for changes in your campus ministry program, and you immediately feel the tension (perhaps you disagree with the advice he has offered).  Or, better yet, a potential new donor has a substantial “gift” waiting for you for a “special program” she, the donor, has just dreamed up.

There is often a tension that exists between benefactors and beneficiaries.

How do you deal with these?

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