Posted by: Justin Wallace | February 7, 2011

Campus Ministry: More than “Extracurricular”

* The following post was written by Steve Lutz, Campus Minister with CCO at Penn State University.

How do we as campus ministers help students be faithful in their academics on one hand, but not make an idol of academics on the other?

One of the ways campus ministers can do this is to reframe how they see fellowship and ministry involvement.

Too often, we default to the view that our ministries are but one more extracurricular activity, to be opted in and out of at a student’s convenience. The problem with this is that it pushes ministry to the periphery. (The prefix extra- means “on the outside,” after all).  We might as well call our ministries “Pericurricular,” since that’s how many students regard us.

Of course, this is both inaccurate and a disservice. This is not the snowboarding club, or Anime club, or yet another honor society. As enjoyable as those clubs might be for their members, they are the definition of extracurricular. But what our ministries do is facilitate something we believe is not optional, but essential.

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