Posted by: Justin Wallace | February 1, 2011

Why Campus Ministry? :: Matt Harris

I’m a bit of a nerd (this entry is exactly 200 words).  I love strategy games.   I was in the chess club as a kid and spent many late nights in college playing Risk.  This love of mine helped draw me to campus ministry, which is the most strategic thing that we, as the Church, can be doing.  The mission statement that we use at Impact@CSU is “Impacting the world of tomorrow, by impacting its leaders today.”

The leaders of our world are coming through American universities.  I recently heard a statistic on National Public Radio that said of 30 developed nations, the U.S. ranked 25th in math, science, and reading.  While that is a shame, our universities are still the world’s best and the next generation’s leaders (in business, politics, medicine, and even the church) are coming through the doors of our schools.  The big problem with this is that the Church is losing the battle for this generation, even among students who were raised in the Church. This is a critical time in human development when people make decisions about worldview that last a lifetime.  We exist strategically to meet these students with the Truth of the Gospel.

*Today’s post, by Matt Harris, is part of a blog series titled “Why Campus Ministry?“. Why do we give our lives to this profession, this people group, this thing called Campus Ministry? Why do we do what we do? What drives us? What keeps us going? Why college students? Why the University campus? Here’s the catch…each post must be 200 words or less.


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