Posted by: Justin Wallace | January 28, 2011

Why Campus Ministry? :: Rick Harper

Why campus ministry ?

Are you kidding? It changes the world.

Last night Cindy a sophomore came to the Lord. We baptized her in the lake in
chilling weather.

So is that it? “Welcome to the Kingdom.”

No. She might meet a great Christian man in the next 2 years at Ga. Tech. They may get married months after.  So they have a kid – Cindy is a great mother, loves her son, brings him up in the Lord.

The kid becomes a great Christian graduates from college and enters politics. Then 3 decades later he wins the Presidency of the United States.  The world is in turmoil – threat of nuclear disaster in 2065 but Cindy’s son prays about and decides not to push the button – saves the world…

…..Who knew bringing Cindy to Christ last night in the chilly darkness will one day save the world ?

Why Campus Ministry?

… never know huh?

*Today’s post, by Rick Harper, is part of a blog series titled “Why Campus Ministry?“. Why do we give our lives to this profession, this people group, this thing called Campus Ministry? Why do we do what we do? What drives us? What keeps us going? Why college students? Why the University campus? Here’s the catch…each post must be 200 words or less. If you would like to submit an entry please email it to  justin [at] impactcharlotte [dot] com.



  1. Love the look FORWARD in why what we all do is so important.

  2. So typical of Rick Harper thinking: What IF? What IF? What IF? May your tribe increase brother!

  3. Every time I have sat down with Rick or read something he’s written I’ve walked away looking at things in a different way. Love it! When I read this the first time…I thought…this is so typical of Rick…LOVE IT! I’m grateful for guys like him who have committed their lives to college students.

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