Posted by: Nathan | January 27, 2011

Why Campus Ministry? :: Nathan Evans

To say I am skeptical is like saying that water is wet.  It kind of goes without saying.  The same can be said for the college environment.  Skepticism, critical analysis, and intellectual honesty are the trademarks of academia.  I believe this is why I have been called into campus ministry.

I love sitting down with a college student and having them pepper me with questions.  Most days I have very few answers, but this allows the opportunity for us to discuss and challenge each other in new ways.

More than once my conversations have hit a standstill and we have come to different conclusions.  As a pastor this is absolutely terrifying.  I have lost control of the conversation. My initial need is to convince them to agree with me.

Many times I have ended these conversations by  communicating to them that my role is to speak God’s truth into their lives with boldness.  They are under no more obligation to agree with me than I am to convince them to believe it. However, I believe that God’s truth is transformative.  I believe it can change us.

It is that belief in God’s transformative nature in the midst of our skeptical and broken hearts that drives my passion for college students. I am stunned every day that God uses that part of me to help spread His love.

*Today’s post, by Nathan Evans, is part of a blog series titled “Why Campus Ministry?“. Why do we give our lives to this profession, this people group, this thing called Campus Ministry? Why do we do what we do? What drives us? What keeps us going? Why college students? Why the University campus? Here’s the catch…each post must be 200 words or less. If you would like to submit an entry please email it to  justin [at] impactcharlotte [dot] com.



  1. I love this so much.

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