Posted by: Justin Wallace | January 25, 2011

Why Campus Ministry? :: Windy Frank

Because I believe transforming college students will transform the
world. When I was in college, I chose my major because I wanted to
change the world. After God caught me, how I thought it should be
changed was radically shifted.

Because I love the church. I want to the next generation of church
members to dream big and have a tangible experience of what living in
a true community looks like.

Because, with over 670,000 international students, the world is on our
campuses. Future world leaders could currently be hiding in the
library because they can’t find someone who wants to truly know them.

Because college students are messy, complicated, studious, silly,
searching for the next crush and the meaning of life at the same time,
contradictory, adventurous, conflicted, over-booked, passionate,
frustrating, hilarious and worth the effort.

Because the logical series of events after digging deeply into very
the purpose of human existence, working actively to stop children from
being used as soldiers, and discussing how a movie has changed your
perspective on the sort of life you want to live is to go get pancakes
at IHOP at midnight.

*Today’s post, by Windy Frank, is part of a blog series titled “Why Campus Ministry?“. Why do we give our lives to this profession, this people group, this thing called Campus Ministry? Why do we do what we do? What drives us? What keeps us going? Why college students? Why the University campus? Here’s the catch…each post must be 200 words or less. If you would like to submit an entry please email it to  justin [at] impactcharlotte [dot] com.



  1. I love that you love what you do because you love the church, because you see the obvious reality that students ARE the church even though so many parts of the BODY of Christ seem to think that students are FUTURE body parts.

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