Posted by: Justin Wallace | January 6, 2011

What are you teaching?

2nd semester is right around the corner.

What are you teaching/preaching on?

What’s your first teaching/sermon?

Why did you decide to go that direction?

Please share…



  1. In the fall my teaching was from the Gospel of Matthew and we got up to about the end of chapter 17. I titled it “Smelling Salts: How the Gospel of Jesus Wakes us Up” with the premise that Marx called religion the opium of the people, that religion puts us to sleep, and that he was right…but the gospel of Jesus wakes us up to the problems in the world.

    Since we only got to chapter 17 I figured we should keep going, especially since we’ll get to the end of the gospel right around Easter which fits. For a title: Journey to the Cross.

    I am not sure what other campus ministries do but I like to go more exegetical than topical. Mostly, I remember when I was a student and I do not remember many specific teachings. My hope is that even if students do not remember much of what I said, I am modeling that the Bible is our center. Rather than starting with me and my needs and going to the Bible, I start with the Bible and then apply it to our needs. And of course, the gospels always have something to say to our lives.

    • I love it! Exegetical preaching gets me excited!

  2. At the University of Nebraska at Kearney we are making our way through Romans. We had a lot of distractions/campus events on Thursdays during first semester. We have chapter 4 coming up. Our strategy is to use exegetical preaching through a book as our primary focus for the year, then we add in a topical series to each semester. For example, last semester we did four weeks on spiritual disciplines, this coming semester we have a three week series on relationships/sexuality. I know personally that if we used a topical format I would shy away from some of the more difficult passages. Going this route has been an excellent challenge and honestly I believe it has grown our ministry. Students are excited about hearing and growing in God’s word.

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