Posted by: Justin Wallace | December 1, 2010

Your blog…

Are you a regular reader of HOCM?

Do you work with College Students?

Do you have a personal blog?

Do you update your blog on a regular basis?

Do you want other people to read your blog?

If you answered all the above questions with a yes then we would love to share your blog on the HOCM blog. Just leave your name, where you do ministry/name of ministry and the blog web address in the comment section and we’ll make it public with the other blogs to the right.

Thanks for reading HOCM and please spread the word to your friends that also work with College Students.



  1. Hey Justin!

    Thanks for being a sharer of resources!!

    Guy Chmieleski
    University Minister at Belmont University

  2. If “a regular basis” is at least once a week then feel free to add mine.

    Dave Hershey
    Penn State Berks Christian Student Fellowship

  3. I did work in Campus Ministry and with College Students for the last 6 years. Now my wife and I are serving for one year overseas. I have and always will have a heart and passion for CM. All this to say that it’s fine if you don’t include my blog since I am not currently serving in the capacity of a College Pastor, but I thought I would submit it anyways.

  4. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    Todd M. Walker
    Director of Campus Ministries
    Vision For Youth, Inc.

  5. I just began this blog about 2 months ago as a resource for campus ministers and student leaders. Thanks for adding me to the list!

    Chris Zeigler
    New Campus Development Coordinator
    BASIC College Ministries

  6. Just so you all know…your blogs will be added to the blogroll on Monday…when we role out the new look. Just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget about you. Please spread the word about Heart of Campus Ministry!

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