Posted by: Justin Wallace | November 30, 2010

Advent Resources

This past week at Impact we began a 3 week study focused on the Advent season. If your students are like most evangelicals (they grew up in a denomination other than Catholic) they are probably lost when the word Advent comes out of your mouth. They might say, “What is Advent? I thought only Catholics practiced things like that.” Well, they’re right for the most part. Most evangelicals have lost site of the Church calendar and how beautiful, powerful and transforming it can be.

Every year we observe Advent because it’s theme of waiting is so timely for those of us that exist in the hussel and bussel of American Christmas. The theme of waiting challenges our very fiber. We want what we want and we want it now! Advent challenges us to be patient, anticipating the coming of Christ.

To help our students prepare for the coming of Christ we wanted to share two scheduled readings with them. These will help them to practice Advent in the midst of a chaotic Christmas season. Feel free to pass them on to your students and even practice them personally. (Over the next 4 weeks I’ll be posting articles that will help us practice this ancient season.)

An excellent way to focus our thoughts and deepen our understanding of the meaning of Advent is to turn to the Bible. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to know where to start. Here is a 4 week schedule of readings that will help you practice the Advent Season. You can download it HERE.

Another excellent way to focus our thoughts and deepend our understand of the meaning of Advent is to turn to another person’s thoughts. Here is a book titled Advent: An Advent Reader. It consists of 25 short essays that will help us reflect on the themes of Advent. You can read an essay each time you read one of the scheduled Scripture Readings. You can download the book for free HERE.

I pray that these resources will help you and your students turn your eyes toward Jesus, waiting for and aticipating his coming, during this Advent Season.



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