Posted by: Justin Wallace | November 22, 2010


It’s been an amazing semester and most recently an amazing past weekend. This past weekend was our annual Fall Retreat. It was easily one of the best we’ve ever pulled off. Why? I’m not sure. But, it was good.

Like all other Monday’s after a Retreat I’m left refreshed yet tired. Refreshed by a community strengthened…yet tired because well…I worked 60 straight hours.

During this time of the year we can experience two things: 1. We begin looking back and we’re reminded of all that God has accomplished. 2. We’re exhausted because we’ve left it all on the court.

When thinking about what to post today and what this week might look like here at HOCM I decided to leave you with a couple quotes that I hope will encourage you and also…HOCM will take a sabbatical this week for Thanksgiving. So, enjoy the quotes…but most importantly enjoy this next week of rest, family, football and lots of food. Take this next week to reflect on what God has done in your life and your ministry and most importantly take this next week to rest and be refreshed so that you might finish the semester well. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry!

“For the burnt out leaders in churches waiting for it to rain on parched and dried fields—who seem to give and give and give—to people who never mature. This book is for you.” [Jimmy Spencer Jr. :: Love Without Agenda] *You can download the entire book HERE.

There have been several times in ministry that this quote describes my heart, mind and soul. Take hope…your work is not in vain…continue planting and watering the seeds…God will make them grow in his time.

“And I know You hear the cries of every soul tonight. You see the teardrops as they roll tonight. Down the faces of saints who grow weary and faint in your fields. And the wicked roam the cities and the streets tonight. But when the God of love and thunder speaks tonight, I believe You will come, Your justice be done.” [Andrew Peterson :: The Reckoning] *You can listen to this entire song HERE.

You and I may grow weary but God does not. He is with us and His will is done. Take heart saints…God has not left the scene!

Grace & Peace my friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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