Posted by: PC | November 2, 2010


Imagine this scenario (if you can).

A meeting of your team is needed. But when?
You throw a date and time out. 3 people can make it.
6 cannot!

One of the 6 throw another date and time out. Only 4 people can make it.
But not at THAT time!

This nightmare continues for several minutes, doesn’t it? It is not difficult to imagine this reality by any means, because organizing a group of people with drastically diverse calendars is nearly impossible. If only some snap of Mary Poppins’ fingers could give you the magic moment everyone is available!


I am sitting in my office (Tupelo Coffee Shop) trying to organize a planning meeting with my student leaders to draft details for our Winter Retreat, and the attempt is making me long for Julie Andrews more than I ever have. My wife hears of my troubles and asks, “Well haven’t you used doodle?”

I had not!

It is an excellent resource I wish I had known about years ago. Within 5 minutes I had created an ‘event’, plugged in a variety of possible dates and times for a meeting, and sent the link to all my student leaders. By the end of that evening, I saw very plainly the open block that worked for everyone.

It is a free service unless you want to upgrade to more premium packages. You can also design polls just as easily shared with as many people as you have emails for. My flowery write-up is more elaborate than the simplicity of doodle. It is so practical, its magic!

There are some things even Mary Poppins can’t do! Leave those things to doodle.


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