Posted by: Justin Wallace | October 21, 2010

How to Pastor a Congregation of Broke College Students

*This post came from in Seattle, WA. Read the entire article HERE.  Also check out The Legacy Project, their way for families, alumni, and friends to get behind what Jesus is doing in the U-District. I posted this because I love to hear about what God is doing around the country with college students and on the University campus (even when we don’t have all the resources at our disposal). What’s God doing on your campus?

By Pastor Matt Jensen

It’s been an amazing ride in the past 12 months at Mars Hill U-District, and we have seen Jesus do a ton. He:

As we’ve worked in the U-District now for three years, we have seen students become Christians in college, start families, and get jobs with the intent to bring the Gospel of Jesus to bear on everything they do. Recently the UW was ranked the 23rd-best university in the world, and the fourth-highest ranked public university in the country. With over 100 different nations sending students to the UW, it’s hard to think of a more strategic place to plant a church and make disciples.


Our new church building is located just a few blocks away from the University of Washington campus, which means we are made up of several hundred college students, led by college students, and “funded” by college students. When I say “funded” I mean they bring the fun, but not the funds. Figuring out how to financially survive is a huge challenge for us that will take more than donations in ramen noodles to solve. In an effort to continue our growth, we launched the Legacy Project…Read entire article HERE.


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