Posted by: Justin Wallace | October 19, 2010

Sit back and enjoy.

I was a very serious college student. Not serious about my schooling, serious about life. I took everything so seriously. This continues to be a struggle for me. Yes, a struggle. Why? Because I have a hard time just sitting back and enjoying life. I have a hard time sitting back and enjoying the people in my life, the moments in my life. Honestly, I have a hard time just enjoying God. I study Him, I pursue Him, I seek for Him, I run after Him, I teach about Him, I struggle with Him…but do I enjoy Him?

Here’s my challenge to you today…Sit back and enjoy.

Take a few minutes and make a list of all the things in your life that you enjoy.

Sit back in your chair, put down the book, the journal, the pen…and just enjoy.

This new video by the David Crowder Band helped me do this last night…I found myself smiling.

That’s good my friends. It’s good for us to realize that God is fighting for us, he’s holding the world in his hands…and you can take your hands off for a moment and sit back and enjoy.


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