Posted by: Justin Wallace | October 7, 2010

A must read!

Ok. This is a must read. Period! You need to buy it right now and start reading.

The book is titled Radical | Taking your faith back from the America dream by David Platt.

You can buy it here.

Check out the book website here.



  1. Not to poo-poo this book but I’m hearing this message more and more but I see it more as a trendy spiritual fashion statement than anything. Where’s the fruit? Are more suburban Americans going overseas as full-time missionaries (not 10-day trippers)? If the calling is not overseas, then are more moving into the poor part of their towns (like Shane Claiborne did)? I like how one amazon reviewer summed it up:

    “I agree with his assessment, but his recommended remedy is rather pathetic.

    The author provides readers with a suggested response, but calling it “radical” is quite a stretch. The first of is five point plan is to read through the Bible in one year. Most Bible read through plans involve reading no more than three chapters a day, about 15 minutes. Step 2 is to pray for the world. He refers to a website which directs the participant to pray for different parts of the world organized so that you can pray for a different part of the world every day. Step 3 is to give some money away to poor people. Step 4 is to go on a one week short-term mission trip. Step 5 is to be involved in a local church congregation. This is hardly radical.

    The author is a pastor at a suburban American mega church so I think he’s probably used to watering down his message for American consumers.

    The goal of all this is for the participant to obtain “ultimate satisfaction”. It’s really the same motivation as the American Dream. The goal of our Bible reading is not for training in righteousness. The goal of praying for the world is not for the furtherance of the gospel in parts of the world or for the benefit of persecuted Christians in China or Indonesia. The goal of giving money to the poor is not to be a blessing for the poor or support Christian orphan homes in Cambodia. The goal of going on a one-week short-term mission trip is not to bring the gospel to unreached people or comfort orphans and widows in their distress. No. The author sells all this as a means for American Christians to obtain “ultimate satisfaction”.

    It’s the same goal: self satisfaction. Bend a little bit. Make a small sacrifice here or there. Then relish in the self satisfaction that you’re not as materialistic as the Joneses.

    Radical would be to take one’s eyes off oneself. Read and study the Bible because you love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Pick a country or a few countries or a people group or a few people groups, and pray fervently for them because you love them with a love so intense. Pick an orphanage or a chain of orphanages or a ministry, and scrape and save and cut corners and give everything you possibly can because you love those orphans, and when you’re thinking about buying that $3 cafe latte know that those $3 is $3 that those orphans aren’t going to see. Rather than a one-week short term mission trip, devote your life to reaching a people group or area, and give your money and prayer time to helping those people, and if need be, go visit them to share your and God’s love with them. It’s NOT about you!”

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