Posted by: naccm | October 6, 2010

Losing Your Woo – By Tim Hawkins

I think I used to have woo.  Dustin.  Our new guy…he’s got it (in a very good way).

Our intern Dust, inspiring me to woo like Jesus

Woo stands for “winning others over”, a trait, gift or talent of loving to initiate new relationships and winning people over.  Or to more specifically quote from the book published by Gallup on living our strengths, woo means, “You enjoy initiating with srangers because you drive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection.

I think Jesus had woo, too.

The problem with woo (or any other trait, gift or talent) is that we can misuse it when combined with immaturity or selfish-motives.  Somewhere along the way, I didn’t like what I was doing with woo.  It no longer looked like Jesus.  So, unconsciously, I gave it up, I think.

Like I gave up my AC/DC cassetts (yes, cassetts…neither albums nor CD’s!).  In fact, that decision was very conscious.  Every non-Christian piece of music I owned went into the dumpster outside Missouri Hall at NMSU (now Truman State).

When I look back on it, I’m tempted to think that extreme act was not necessary.  Yet, I know it was.  The music represented something I didn’t quite have aligned under what it meant for Jesus to be Lord.

Somewhere along the way, I didn’t like how woo worked itself out in my life.  It’s ugly if I think about it.  But, woo isn’t something physical I could drop in the dumpster, its internal.  Much harder to avoid.

Like an alcoholic avoiding a bar, my only way to deal with it was to remove myself from situations to abuse it.

Today, I don’t think I have a Christian band in my iTunes collection.  My favorite artists include Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Ryan Bingham and Mumford & Sons (ok, I still like AC/DC).  But, music means something different to me today.

And, I’m slowly recovering woo, too.  A love for helping strangers feel welcome, a purer form of woo…the woo that looks more like Jesus.  And, I’ve a ways to go.  I didn’t rebuild my music collection in a year…but, I like what the restored product looks like.

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