Posted by: Justin Wallace | October 5, 2010

Random thoughts from the ground…

What would it look like if we jumped to grace rather than judgement in the church world?

What would happen if we walked into a church and we thought about others more than ourselves?

Maybe less church splits.

Maybe less church hoping.

Maybe a true understanding of unity.

Take a few minutes to read this article by Kevin DeYoung titled The Glory of Plodding.

I love this line from his article:

Until we are content with being one of the million nameless, faceless church members and not the next globe-trotting rock star, we aren’t ready to be a part of the church.

Are we ok with just being apart of the church?

Do we celebrate it?

Do we celebrate the guy or gal that works behind the scenes as much as we celebrate the one that leads in the spotlight?

Do we see the beauty in that?


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