Posted by: Justin Wallace | October 1, 2010

Question of the (fri)Day

Is Christianity as we’ve known it in America dying?

What does this mean for the future of the Church?

What does this mean for us that are trying to relate to and minister to college campuses?

Watch this video on ABC News titled The New Face of American Evangelism.



  1. I have been working on a post about exactly this. I may be posting it next week some time.

    I am more worried than I am hopeful.

  2. Christianity as we know it in America is dying, which may or may not be a bad thing. American Christianity, like any other cultural Christianity before it, has been a mix of both good and bad. I watched that video a few months back and though I probably agree with most of what they say, I detected a hint of arrogance, as if our generation is going to fix all the mistakes of the previous. Yet in all probability, future American Christians will be fixing our mistakes, and second, it is not like our generation invented caring for the poor (World Vision and Compassion are old organizations).

    The future of Christianity in America has little to do with the future of the church. The church is growing in Latin America, Africa, Asia – read Philip Jenkins, Lamin Sanneh, Soong-Cha Rah or many others who note this. The church has always faded in one place and grown in another, that is kind of how it always has been.

    Just to encourage the first poster, God is still sovereign so no need to worry. The Spirit moves as the Spirit will.

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