Posted by: naccm | September 29, 2010

Working a Room Like Jesus – By Tim Hawkins

Recently I required our staff to read a book they hated (still hate).

It is a typical book on networking and making a good impression, how to talk to “big winners” and enter a room “like a big cat”.  How to talk to “VIP’s” and how to get people to like you.

The language is off-putting, I know; we nearly had a staff coup.

But, the principles are not.  I have some bad people habits, and it does me little good to say, “That is just my personality.”  It is not always.  Many of them I have developed over time, and I can work on to get better.

Although, I cannot see Jesus sitting down with Peter and saying, “Listen Peter, here is how you work a room, and make people think you like them…

I can see Jesus modeling how to smile, ask good questions and genuinely demonstrate care for people, and help Peter see when Peter’s own actions might betray a selfish agenda over caring for others.

Reading a book on networking has really opened up great conversations with our staff to both affirm what people are doing well in their encounters with others (which helps us learn), and has provided a platform for us to talk about ways that we can improve how we demonstrate genuine care for people.

For example, in the first week I learned that almost to a person my staff did not feel like I valued our personal time together simply by my body language.  I needed to learn two things: 1) really value the time I give to them and 2) demonstrate that I do.

Sometimes we develop bad interpersonal habits.  It is good to occasionally do an internal mirror check to both affirm and correct so that what we really carry about is not dismissed by bad habits.



  1. The image of Jesus telling Peter how to work a room made me laugh.
    Nice post Tim.

  2. amen, brother. praying all is wonderful in Boston – in the fall.
    and, Tim, what is the name of the book?

    HIS peace,

  3. Mike, it is so cheezy, I almost hate to post…
    “How to Talk to Anyone” by Leil Lowndes. I’ll spare you the subtitle 😉 I wouldn’t say it is the best read, but has some good thoughts, is an easy read, and easy to apply.

  4. We’ve had a Luzadder appearance! This blog has arrived!

    Hope all is well Mike. I should make my way up to ETSU sometime soon and sit in your office for a couple hours.

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