Posted by: Justin Wallace | September 16, 2010

UpEnding Celebrity Pastor Worship :: Start the Conversation

Jessica Turner, blogger at The Mom Creative, was part of an interesting conversation on Celebrity Worship. You can watch the video HERE.

I found the questions that Mrs. Turner proposed at the end of her post the most helpful and relevant to our conversation about UpEnding Celebrity Pastor Worship (part 1).

I think it would do wonders if we as College Pastors sat down with our students and discussed these questions.

I took Jessica’s questions and applied them to our conversation.

Here they are:

  • Are celebrity pastors addictive?
  • Do you get invested in celebrity pastors?
  • Have you noticed yourself trying to model celebrity pastors?
  • Do you talk to your friends about celebrity pastors?
  • Do you find yourself looking up to them and hoping that one day you can reach their level of spirituality?
  • Ellie talked about demystifying, which I loved. How do you demystify?
  • A question for us as College Pastors: How do you model responsibility with your students?
  • How do we grapple with all of this as people of faith?


  1. A bit of a rant here…hehe…I think about the new big trend in many US church movements – the multi-site campus that franchises out church campuses – and broadcasts a “super hero, celebrity” pastor to various locations (multi-sites). This seems so wrong to me on so many levels because it’s the antithesis to what I believe to be authentic community. Also, there’s something about the huge image on the screen of the super pastor speaking to multiple congregations that seems like a “graven image” erected in the church that I find offensive. Imagine if a campus pastor tried to pull this off in the campus ministry context. I don’t think it would go over too well…

  2. Also related… apparently Jon Acuff (of “Stuff Christians Like”) said something about multi-site churches on his “Nines” talk that ruffled some feathers. He likened one site as to a “Sims” kind of environment…but later Acuff, who’s very humble, regretted what he said (too bad some pastors can’t handle humor):

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