Posted by: Justin Wallace | September 2, 2010

UpEnding Celebrity Pastor Worship :: Influence vs Fame

If there is one thing that I despise in the Church world it is the epidemic that I recognize as Celebrity Pastor Worship.

When I see a “pastor” (I use that word very loosely) become a celebrity, a brand, a name by which people recognize a “church”, it makes me physically ill.

I hear them preach the words of the gospel…I hear them use the name of Jesus…but I cannot look beyond the reality that they are bigger and more popular than Jesus himself among those that they lead.

College students are suckers for celebrity worship. They want to be part of something big. They want to apart of something that matters. So, they see big crowds, they see the name in the lime-light and they flock to these places. I believe it is our job to UpEnd Celebrity Pastor Worship among college students. We must begin asking questions and starting conversations that help students discern between a pastor that is leading them to Jesus and a pastor that is calling them to himself.

This is a huge problem in our western culture today and we can either ignore it or talk about it. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a few different thoughts about UnEnding Celebrity Pastor Worship. I ask you to take these thoughts, whether you agree or disagree, and begin a conversation with the students that you lead.

Here’s a video from 12 Cities 12 Conversations on Influence vs Fame. The thoughts are brilliant and worship more conversation.

What do you think?


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