Posted by: Nathan | August 24, 2010

ResourceRoom :: Action Method

I want to share with you guys an unbelievable resource I stumbled onto a few weeks ago.  Carlos Whittaker – a Christian Musician and Artist I follow on twitter (@loswit) – posted a message about his new assistant using a program called Action Method to help keep him organized when they can’t communicate face-to-face.

This program is essentially an online task manager that allows a user (or users) to set up events in the future and then set up a series of “Action Steps” that will need to be completed for that event.  You can then assign those tasks to different people and then track their progress (when they’ve accepted or rejected the task, and then finally if they’ve completed it).

There is a yearly subscription fee of $100 a year, however they offer a complementary or discount subscriptions for non-profits.  They gave our Church here in Charlotte a discount code that brought the price down to $33 a year per user (I’m going to be the only paid user).  The other great thing about it is that only the person delegating the “Action Steps” is required to have a subscription – all other users can accept and complete tasks free of charge.  They also offer a free desktop program and iphone application for all users.

If you are trying to figure out a way to remotely organize your ministry and how to keep on top of all that needs to be accomplished and planned in one location, this is a great resource.  Whether you have a staff and interns to delegate to, or a group of student leaders who you want to keep on task this program could be for you.


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