Posted by: Joe Blanchard | August 23, 2010

I Have a Confession: Facebook hurts more than it helps.

At least for me.

Justin confessed a few weeks ago that he is a cell phone-holic. Today I am confessing that I am a Facebook-holic.

It’s so funny how things like this can sneak up on us…

I never intended for the last thing I see at night or the first thing I see in the morning to be Facebook. I never intended to put so much weight and meaning into how many people RSVP for our events on Facebook (don’t even bring up the maybe option). I certainly never intended to spend a total of somewhere around 2.5 hours a day on Facebook…yet all these are happening everyday.

It would be SO easy for me to argue and defend my Facebook usage. I’m connecting with new students, I’m networking with other campus ministers, I’m keeping in touch with old friends, I’m promoting our ministry here at NCSU, I’m….having some of the crappiest quiet times ever. Why? Because I’m having trouble un-plugging for more than 30 minutes.

So, what to do?

A couple of years ago we put on a 60/60 challenge for our students. We challenged them to set an alarm that would go off every 60 minutes (while they are awake) for 60 days. When the alarm goes off, think about what your doing – is it bringing glory to God, are you just wasting the time He has given you, etc. Personally, I can tell you the challenge was amazing. The alarm would go off when I was praying (good times), other times I would be surfing Facebook when it went off – and I’d still be on Facebook the next time it went off (bad times). This reality led to a huge shift in my Facebook usage, but it’s crept back in over time.

Is quitting Facebook all together an option? Not Really.

So here is my plan. This week I am going to delegate all Facebook event creation to one of our student leaders. After that I’m taking 30 days off. Yea, 30 days sans Facebook – I’m nervous. My hope/prayer is that anytime I would normally be on Facebook I will pick up a book, there are several I need to finish. Most of all I am going re-energize my quiet times with God – soaking in His Word, walking around campus & praying for students and finally I hope to re-learn how to BE STILL in His presence.

This is my confession: Facebook (for me) hurts more than it helps. My gut feeling is that there are more people like me out there…I am praying for us both.


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