Posted by: Justin Wallace | August 19, 2010

Email is too slow for the class of ’14

I found the following article on It’s a summary of a study done each year by Beloit College on the incoming College Freshman Class. The study is titled the Mindset List. You can find the Mindset List for the Class of 2014 HERE. I suppose 2 questions that come to mind after reading this article and looking over the Mindset List are, “1. How can we as Campus Ministers continue to present the Gospel in a way that current college students can undertand and relate too? 2. How do we communicate to these current college students?” I would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy the article and the Mindset List.

For students entering college this fall, e-mail is too slow, phones have never had cords and the computers they played with as kids are now in museums.

The Class of 2014 thinks of Clint Eastwood more as a sensitive director than as Dirty Harry urging punks to “go ahead, make my day.” Few incoming freshmen know how to write in cursive or have ever worn a wristwatch.

These are among the 75 items on this year’s Beloit College Mindset List. The compilation, released Tuesday, is assembled each year by two officials at this private school of about 1,400 students in Beloit, Wis.

The list is meant to remind teachers that cultural references familiar to them might draw blank stares from college freshman born mostly in 1992.

Being aware of the generation gap helps professors craft lesson plans that are more meaningful…

Read Entire Article…


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