Posted by: Justin Wallace | August 3, 2010

ResourceRoom :: Lord, Save Us From Your Followers

Maybe I’m behind the times but I just experienced a fantastic documentary that was released in 2008 called Lord, Save Us From Your Followers by Dan Merchant.

I’m thinking about showing the film on our campus and following it up with a Q&A. I think this film could create some great discussions on the University campuses around this country.

Let me know if and how you plan on using it. Please share any ideas.

Dan also released a book under the same title. You can purchase the book on Amazon. You can also purchase the film on Amazon. You can follow the film on Twitter & Facebook. Here’s the trailer ::



  1. Yes! When it was released in 2008, it was only “kind of released”. The film was done in 2008, but then they toured it to churches, campuses, and various other venues. It was the only way you could see the film was to set up an event where Dan and his whole crew would come show it and lead a QandA afterward.

    This April, he finally released it on DVD so you can get it. So you’re not TOO far behind the times.

    I am also planning to show it for one of our Awareness Film nights this September…and we are planning to make that our large event we promote on campus for back-to-school and rush weeks.

  2. Good flick – wrote a review on it a while back:

    I appreciate this blog too – thanks for posting content worth reading!


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