Posted by: PC | June 28, 2010

keep it simple. part three. (Primal Poetry)

In the nature of the theme, let’s just skip this normal premise stuff and get to the bullet points your eyes jump to anyway, shall we?

1. Good at the Greatest
One of the simplifications I have been enacting lately came from my reading of Primal by Mark Batterson. If you have not read this book, it is the most recent read I would highly recommend. The premise Batterson communicates is that we are not so great at living out the Greatest Commandment; in fact, we’re not even good at it.

In this year, our community (or I’ll say tribe in case your head was starting to spin there for a second) has been getting back to the basic of the greatest commandment. We have been continually breaking down what it means for us to LOVE GOD with all of our HEART, SOUL, MIND, and STRENGTH. There is a refreshment to getting back to foundational things we often overlook in the chaos of everything else.

2. Poetic
Your students are creative! Your students have abilities you do not have as a speaker, pastor, or leader. Your students are artistic!

YOU are creative! YOU are artistic! YOU have abilities you are not using because you are overwhelmed.

How willing are you to let go of the routine of your large gatherings? How willing are you to break out of the normal speaking style to which you have grown accustomed? How much involvement do your students have in that larger gathering?

We have begun to redefine our large gathering once we realized how artistic, creative, and ready so many of our students are. A couple of months ago, I contacted a few of my poetic students (do you KNOW which of your students are poetic), and simply gave them the text for that week (John 21:20-25) and asked them write a piece they would present that Sunday night. They couldn’t wait!

There was no music worship that evening, nor was there a sermon, at least not a normal sermon. A few students you rarely hear from stood up and delivered their art inspired by God’s word, and then I got up and presented the piece I had prepared. It was refreshing, it was simple, it was creative, and ALL the students engaged in a way we hadn’t seen in a while.

3. Leadership Lean
As part of God’s layering away at my resources, my assistant is stepping down at the end of the month to follow the larger calling on her life to fight human trafficking. She leaves a giant hole, which due to significant budget cuts, will NOT be refilled.

Luckily I have a leadership team, right? Perhaps! Leadership teams are only as helpful as you are willing to lean on them. This has always been difficult for me, if I am honest. I have never been strong at getting the most out of volunteers. No matter how many articles, books, conferences, workshops I take in, I still have a voice that pesters me as a leader. It says, “But they aren’t paid for this. Lay off!”

Though every leadership axiom is going to tell you the opposite of this voice, we often listen too closely to that voice. I certainly do! Until now! With the layering away of my paid assistant, I am at a point where I either learn (real quick) to lean on my leaders or I will become outrageously overwhelmed.

Break back all the things you think YOU have to do, and lean back onto the volunteer leaders you have in place. They want it! They believe in it! They will take your group to the next level you will never be able to do on your own. Trust me! I am learning this more and more every day. (Likely a lesson you have all learned years ago! I know; I’m late to the party!)



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