Posted by: Justin Wallace | June 25, 2010

Question of the (fri)Day

Do you have a good relationship with the Youth Ministers in your area/state?

Do you receive names of students attending your University from those Youth Ministers?

If not…

What needs to happen to change that?



  1. I do have a great relationship with youth ministers in our area and around the state. As a former youth minister, I worked hard to build a relationship with the youth guys through camps and conferences. I also have a few youth ministers on my advisory team who really go to bat for our campus ministry among other youth ministers.

    I now get calls from youth guys letting me know when they have young people coming to campus. We try to work together to build a relationship bridge to help students get involved in our ministry.

    I know that it can be hard to connect with YM’s. As a former YM, I know that most YM’s feel a little overwhelmed and unappreciated. I try to come along side the YM’s and let them know that I am like an extension of their ministry. I try to let YM’s know that even if they have students heading to other campuses, to let me know so that I can help them with resources of campus ministers/churches in the area.

    I also know that all YM’s get too much mail. I used to receive letters from campus ministries asking for names of students heading to their campus. I never responded. Just went to my to-do later pile. E-mail works pretty well for me.

    Anyway… just my thoughts.

  2. Grrrreat question!

    One of my students asked me about a week before school was out this year if we ever went to the high schools on the last day of class to meet the seniors.

    Another great question!

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