Posted by: Justin Wallace | June 24, 2010

Book {re}View :: Eats with Sinners

*This Book {re}View was written by Brandon Smith for Christian Standard.

The ministry I serve, the Christian Campus House at Northwest Missouri State University in

Maryville, does not necessarily operate under what I would call a “written budget.” This mostly is because we rarely have money with which to budget. And while I am only half joking, my serious half supposes one of the biggest line items, if we did have a written budget, would be “food.”

College students like to eat. A lot. And we like to feed them. We place such an emphasis on food in our ministry, not because we are gluttons, but because something sacred happens as bread is broken. Barriers are destroyed. People are connected. Lives are shared. Goodness and mercy are experienced.

It was no surprise the title of Arron Chambers’s latest book, Eats with Sinners, caught my attention. Upon its release, I grabbed a copy and, if you’ll pardon the pun, devoured it. I knew instantly the ideas within its pages needed to be shared with our students.

So we devoted this past spring semester to studying the Scriptures in regards to evangelism and used Eats with Sinners as a key resource. We drew each topic from the chapters of the book, cleverly labeled as “ingredients” necessary to effectively share our faith. The majority of our small group Bible studies dove into the principles of evangelism on a deeper level. We even invited Chambers to come for a few days and speak to our students and area church leaders. For 15 weeks, we slept, breathed, and um . . . ate Eats with Sinners. Here are a few things we learned during the course of our meal.

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  1. A friend just brought over a stack of books he’s getting rid of before moving, and this one was in the stack – – can’t wait to read it!

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