Posted by: Justin Wallace | June 16, 2010

Campus Ministry Conferences

Here are 3 conferences that would be great for you and your students.

1. The ProjectEx Conference

This is a Conference for incoming college students and current college students. The theme this year is Learning to see God in your world. So many people believe God has vacated the University campus. This is not true. God is alive, moving, working and changing lives on the University campuses around the world. We just have to learn to see Him and join Him. The conference is July 16-17 at Peace College in Raleigh, NC. The cost is only $49. You can register HERE.

2. ACM National Student Conference

We are so looking forward to seeing you all again back in Evansville, Indiana for the NationalStudent Conference in August. We are very excited to announce that Joe Belzer will be our main conference speaker. Joe is the “Vice-President of Mobilization” for New Mission Systems International (NMSI).  He previously served as a campus minister for over 24years! A well known fact is that Joe almost has as many kids as Father Abraham.As our speaker he will be sharing about what it means to both be an APPRENTICE as well as how we might live as an APPRENTICER.

The obvious goal of the apprentice is to become like the Master. At this year’s NSC, we want to challenge you to become like the Master, not just learning more facts about Him. Imagine what our fall semesters might look like if all of us re-prioritized our lives around Jesus-style apprenticeship.

One of the favorite aspects of the conference is the many excellent workshops that are intented to both encourage and equip you to be an Apprentice-Maker for the fall semester!

The conference is August 7-11 at the University of Southern Indiana. The cost is $199. You can register HERE.

3. The Casual Catalyst Conference College Ministers Cohort 2010

Benson Hines is organizing a gathering of campus ministers this year at the CatalystConference.

Since plenty of college ministers and their student leaders come to Catalyst anyway – and plenty of others SHOULD – we’re going to be “cohorting” at Catalyst 2010! Basically, that just means we’ll fellowship, collaborate, get some price breaks, possibly get some freebies, and apply the Catalyst learnings to our own calling.

We’ll find times (especially meals) during the conference for all this – after all, it’s still a CASUAL cohort. But for those who can stay, we will have an extra special Saturday gathering in Atlanta after the main conference ends!

You can come to ANY or ALL of the Cohort across those 4 days!

The Catalyst Conference is October 6-9 in Atlanta, GA. There is a special price for campus ministers so be sure to check out the facebook event page HERE.

We at HOCM would encourage you to and your students to take the time to attend one or more of these conferences. If you have any questions about them please let us know.



  1. It would be good to let people know that the ACM has a group rate of $189 to Catalyst through June 24. This is even cheaper than Benson Hines group and it is available through the our tribe. Even if you’ve already registered please let me know so we can include you in the ACM group and let you know about ways to connect during Catalyst. Contact me for more info:
    Tim Hudson,
    ACM National Rep

  2. Surprisingly, there are few of these sorts of conferences that come out to the west coast, and they are generally in SoCal. We almost always have satellite places to check out in NorCal, but they rarely make their way up here. Kind of sucks!

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