Posted by: Justin Wallace | June 3, 2010

Thursday3 :: CCF @ University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

In the past we have featured a series of posts called Thursday3. This is our effort to highlight the different Campus Ministries around the country. We want to tell the HOCM audience about what God is doing on different University campuses. The problem is this :: We depend on you to share your story. Here’s what I want to ask you :: Will you share the story of your Campus Ministry? If you would like to do that please email me 3 pictures and answer these three questions :: 1. Tell us about your campus and Campus Ministry? 2. What is your niche on campus and how are you reaching that niche? 3. What is your dream on a napkin? What would you like the Campus Ministry to look like in 5 years?

Please take a few minutes and tell the readers of HOCM the story of your Campus Ministry.

Here’s the story of CCF @ the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill…

1. Tell us about your campus and Campus Ministry.

The University of North Carolina in the small college town of Chapel Hill has a long history.  In 1789, theyear George Washington was inaugurated President, UNC was chartered and became the nation’s first state university.  Opening its doors to students in 1795, it was the only public university to award degrees in the 18th century.  Since then UNC has carried a tradition of great education and consistently ranking as one of the top Universities in the country in many categories.  We also have a pretty good basketball program.  There are currently about 29,000 students are from all 100 counties in North Carolina, the remaining 49 states and 100 countries around the world.

Over 30 years ago a group of believers were lead to start Campus Christian Fellowship and believed UNC was the place to start.  Since then we have grown to be “… a community dedicated to knowing God and making disciples.”  We desire to live the way Jesus wants us to live and we do that through worshipping together, bible studies, intramural sports, one-on-one discipleship, prison ministry, feeding the homeless, etc.

2. What is your niche on campus and how are you reaching that niche?

The typical UNC student is intelligent, with a pretty good understanding of the world around them and a desire to serve to make it a better place.  They have been challenged to think in so many areas of their lives except what to do with Jesus.  We ask students to take that same critical thinking and dig into the Bible and get to know God.  A major way this is done is with one-on-one discipleship where a student will sit down one another student or campus minister and study, ask questions and see what scripture means for them.

But it’s not just knowledge, it’s life.  Rather than serving simply to serve, we want to love the way Jesus loved.  This means that weekly students will take lunches to homeless people on Franklin Street (main road next to campus) to sit down and eat with them and get to know them.  This means that we have students who go once a week to prison to spend time with inmates, getting to know them and letting them know there are people who love them.  This means constantly growing closer to Jesus so when we hang out with the people hung out with we are able to love them the way he loves them.

3. What is your dream on a napkin?  What do you want CCF to look like in 5 years?

When I close my eyes and dream I see students with an authentic faith that they share with anyone that will listen.  That they have a faith that drives them to live a life that about making a name for God and notthemselves.  I see students all over campus and our city making people wonder where their joy and love comes from.  I see students living out the words of Acts 2:42-47

Students are devoted to the Word of God, to living life together, to Jesus and to prayer.  A since of fear is over them because they see God doing so many amazing things.  They always get together and they share everything with each other like they’re family.  Sometimes they will sell things they have and use the money to help someone in need.  They have one purpose in life and that’s to worship God in everything they do.  They are full of joy and always think of others before they think of themselves inviting each other into their lives and sharing their food.  The way they live draws people to God.  As a result students are being saved and their group continues to grow.  (Acts 2:38 lived out by CCF students at UNC)

CCF @ UNC-Chapel Hill Staff ::

Dean Owens, Lead Minister

Email :: CCF Website :: Twitter :: Facebook


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