Posted by: Justin Wallace | June 2, 2010

ResourceRoom :: 5 Online Commentaries to help you Study

I subscribe to a blog titled ChurchCrunch (I would highly recommend subscribing). Last week they offered a fantastic and useful resource. They offered 5 online commentaries. After you see their list please let us know what online commentaries you would add to the list by leaving a comment. Here’s the beginning of the post and you can find the 5 online commentaries by clicking the link at the end…

Occasionally, you might get a call to the “big leagues.”

No I am not talking about baseball, I am talking about the opportunity to preach or teach at church, camp, or a small group. Getting the call can be very exciting and at the same time overwhelming. Exciting because you get to share with others what God has been teaching you and overwhelming because you have no clue where to turn for help.

So we look toward the experts and commentaries.

Commentaries are a great way to study passages of scripture (exegesis or exegete) and gain understanding of the original text of the passage (Hebrew for OT and Greek for NT). Having the chance to learn from scholars who have poured thousands of hours into studying the scripture that you are studying is a great resource and help.

Commentaries can be a great resource, but can also be pricey. Thank God for the internet! There are several sites that have commentaries and word studies available for you to learn from.

Here are 5 commentary resource sites that will help you in your study of scripture…

Read entire article here


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