Posted by: PC | June 1, 2010

Rear View Mirror pt3 :: 3 Reasons I Am No Longer A Pastor

  1. Your Group Is A Mirror
    The group will naturally take on characteristics of their leader. Fight the urge to hear Remember the Titans in your head. Ministry leadership is a huge responsibility because the group will begin to reflect your heart, your passion, your attitude, your commitment level, the energy you give, the concerns you have.

    The reason it is absolutely important to remember this is that the reflections are always honest and realistic, sometimes painfully honest. The reflections also expose the areas you need to grow as a leader. When my students seem apathetic, non-committal, or lacking in passion, I have learned to look first at my heart and life. Most of the time, I find myself in the reflection they are presenting.

  2. Impact
    College ministers get certain questions more frequently than others. One of those most common questions, regardless of the wording, is commonly getting at the mass exodus of students from the Church. Why are they leaving? Where are they going? What can ‘we’ do to get them back?

    The common answer I am learning over the course of the last year is, as young as I’d like to say I am, this current young adult population is not the lazy, lethargic, and apathetic generation mine was. Young adults are going to churches where they are able and allowed to have an impact. This is why they may not be at your church or in your ministry.

    My most recent leadership meeting found me relenting more of the leadership to them. The vision casting meant seeing what they wanted to see their group become. What do they hope for? What impact do they want this group to have? What will it look like? How much are they willing give toward making those things happen?

    Incidentally, this also formed some other things we commonly try so hard to instill: ownership, commitment, passion, etc.

    * Be sure to over-communicate your community or tribe’s purposes or non-negotiables, and allow these as foundations they can build their vision atop.

  3. Mission
    The brochure read, “Postmodern Speaker and Writer” just under my name and picture. The title was a result of my submissive settling; since in reality, I hated the title. Missions conferences were not the place you would expect to see me. I have always been a stubborn ‘what about our own back yard’ type. If you had a heart for foreign cultures, that was great…for you. How is that for postmodern?

    What about the culture around us that is becoming increasingly foreign from everything we have always known?

    You may have to reexamine your role, as you’ve always known it.  You may have to reexamine your role of pastor, of ministry leader.  If you want to relate missionally to this culture, you are going to have to begin viewing yourself as a missionary to this culture and determine what changes that is going to require.

    That challenge starts with me but it has began to bleed itself into how I am challenging my students to move.

Are we leading disciples who will be missionaries to their culture, or are we trying to pull them out of the culture they could be reaching?


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