Posted by: Justin Wallace | May 11, 2010

ResourceRoom :: New Testament Schedule

I’m not sure there is a better challenge for us as Campus Pastors to give to our students than the challenge to read the Bible.

Did you know ::

Only 30% of twenty-somethings have read the Bible in the past week.

Only 16% of American Adults cites the Bible as their basis for making moral choices.

Less than 1/2% of twenty-somethings have a Biblical worldview.

The bottom line is this…

Very few college students read their Bibles.


I believe it’s because they are not challenge to do so.

My good friend, Joe Blanchard with Campus Christian Fellowship at North Carolina State University passed this great resource on to me and I wanted to pass it on to you.

I want to challenge you to challenge your students to read their Bibles this summer.

Maybe it’s reading the 4 Gospels in 30 days…that is 3 chapters a day.

Or maybe it’s reading through the entire Bible in 90 days.

Or maybe you want to use the plan that Joe and the crew at CCF are using…reading through the NT in 90 days.

Whatever you choose…choose one. Challenge your students to dust off their Bibles and crack them open. Life-change awaits them in those pages!



  1. Excited you brought this up! Here’s a list we gave out at the end of the year:

    This year we also tried a “summer library” where we got a bunch of books that we’d generally recommend to students and allowed students to borrow them out for the summer. We’ll see how many actually make it back.

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