Posted by: naccm | May 6, 2010

Best Kept Secret in Evangelicalism? by Tim Hawkins

This is from Scot McKnight, author and Professor at North Park from his Jesus Creed blog.

Recently I flew down to Cincinnati to Cincinnati Biblical Seminary to participate in the annual Stone-Campbell lectures. Must say this again: I contend that the Restoration Movement, or the Stone-Campbell movement, made up of the Christian Church and the Churches of Christ, is American evangelicalism’s best-kept secret and, sadly, the most overlooked resource of thinking and praxis. These are Bible people; these are pious people; and there are lots and lots of them; and they are doing excellent work in Bible and theology and church ministry. And neglecting this movement has weakened the robustness of the evangelical voice in the USA. Now back to the lectures.

(emphasis mine)

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This conversation came up recently about a comment from a well-know Restoration Movement minister at the Missionary Convention that the ACM campus ministries are the best kept secret in our movement.  If the Restoration Movement is a well-kept secret…and we are a well-kept secret WITHIN the movement…where does that put us?  I have a sense our anonymity is a good thing…most of the time.

My biggest fear for our movement is that we have fought so hard to become mainstream evangelical that we have made it.


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