Posted by: naccm | May 5, 2010

Simple Time-Management Balance-Sheet by Tim Hawkins

This is a time management worksheet that I’ve been using for a number of years personally.  Not only have I found it beneficial when it comes to organizing my own time, but it has been especially helpful in working with young staff learning to balance the demands of ministry.

We encourage our full-time staff to schedule in 52 hours a week and to look for a ratio in the quadrants as follows:  20:16:8:8 of Discipleship, Area of Focus, Administration and Personal Development respectively.

Here is a quick explanation of the elements on the page:

  • Quadrants
  1. Discipleship – Any time spent face to face with students in spiritual formation:  one-on-ones, small groups, teaching, serving, etc.
  2. Area of Ministry – For example, music/arts would include choosing music, rehearsal, recruiting and developing leaders, etc.
  3. Administration – All of the things that take place in the office:  email correspondence, staff meetings, fundraising, etc.
  4. Personal Development – We want to make sure our staff have permission to grow independently in areas they are interested in so we encourage them to set aside time to stay fresh and up to date on what is happening in their area of ministry.  This could mean taking a class, a book they are reading, or conference they attend.
  • Hours & Rating – Bottom small boxes
  1. Hours – In each large quadrant we work with our staff to reflect on where they spent their time in the last week (we don’t use this every week, maybe once a month), itemize them as much as possible in the quadrant, and then write the app. hours in the small left box.  This helps us realize if there is balance in time-management or if something is being ignored.
  2. Rating –  We then have our staff rate themselves in each quadrant on a scale of 1-5, one being poor balance in this area and 5 being well-balanced and time well spent.
  • Spiritual Formation Circle

The middle circle is their own personal spiritual formation which is foundational and informs all of the quadrants…it is central to time management, but obviously is not work hours.  And, what they are doing in work hours should not be a replacement for their own spiritual formation.



  1. Tim,
    thanks for sharing this – I’m looking forward to talking through something like this with our staff!

  2. Good stuff Tim. Trying to implement this now for myself as much as possible.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Tim. Helping young (and old) campus ministers to prioritize their time as good stewards is so important. This looks like a great tool.

    Tell me more about the 20:16:8:8 ratio.

  4. I facebook “like” this very much. In the sea of information I flood myself with each day, this is the one I want to hold on to for today.


  5. Thanks, Tim. As ever, you have a great way of helping me think about things in new ways.

  6. wow..thank you for sharing this…i will share this to my wife…great stuff!

  7. another interesting timesheet application that I found on the internet is bookmyhours Very clean and very easy to use

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