Posted by: naccm | April 28, 2010

2020Summit – A Quick Review

Others, I am hopeful, will write about our past few days at Southeast Christian Church’s Country Lake Retreat Center for the 2020Summit, with more clarity and reflection than I will do now.  But, I wanted to offer a quick glance at the blessing of the past few days.

John Wasem, Emmanuel Institutes, leads a SWOT analysis

Upon arrival to Country Lake, Bob Russell Ministries volunteers greeted us with warmth and generosity…prying bags and keys from our hands to park our cars, carry our bags and serve us by their graciousness.

After dinner, Bob Russell, former Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church, spoke to us about transition in ministry and leaving a legacy.  Bob really nailed it by using the metaphor of a relay race and drew some excellent principles about transitioning ministries.  I was encouraged by Bob’s specific encouragement to campus ministers, particularly…identifying some of the victories and struggles we face.

Monday morning after breakfast, the young guys were in session with Bob Russell, while the veteran guys were led through a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) with John Wasem from Emmanuel School of Religion.  Some of this we will post or send along via some electronic format in the future.

Monday afternoon, the young guys worked through a DISC assessment, followed by “Bowling with Bob” where some of the earned a little extra spending cash!  Bill Wesphall from Idaho I think was the big cash-payout winner! The veteran guys spent the afternoon on a tour of Louisville Slugger with Chairman of the Board, Jack Hillrech.

Louisville Slugger tour with Jack Hillrech

Monday evening, the emerging leaders had dinner with Bob and Judy Russell while the veteran guys organized into small groups around the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to brainstorm ideas and possible steps or action points within those areas.

Tuesday morning began with a joint conversation regarding theology and the ACM campus ministries followed by an added T to the SWOT, Trends.  This input was given mostly by the emerging leaders.

We concluded the time with prayer, and a gift of engraved bats from the Louisville Slugger factory.

There were a lot of intentional and thoughtful conversations.

We are very thankful to John Wasem of the Emmanuel Institutes, Don Waddell and Bob Russell for their work with the emerging leaders, the volunteer corps from Southeast Christian Church led by Bev Sauers, and the hospitality and organization at the retreat center by event coordinator, Nancy Price.



  1. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for organizing this…I thought it was very encouraging, and a great start to many needed conversations.

    On a humorous (?) note…I was obviously misplaced and really do qualify as a “geezer”. Here’s the proof…

    During the bowling I noticed my arm wasn’t feeling too well…but I tried to shrug it off. Upon further reflection later that evening, I noticed my arm wasn’t FUNCTIONING very well either. Turns out that “pop” I felt in frame 4 of game 1 was the tearing of a tendon. I’m now staring at surgery. A costly “victory” for me, but taking the trophy from the “young guys” was worth it! I think.

    The trophy will now stand as a monument to my competitive nature, and stubborn ego.

    Anyway, I am especially grateful to the guys who gave me, and Impact, supportive and encouraging words. I believe many good days are ahead of us in campus ministry among the ACM.

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