Posted by: Justin Wallace | April 26, 2010

Boots on the Ground: Recruiting a New Generation of Full-Time Christian Ministers by Jim Musser

Every Christian is in full-time Christian ministry. True, some earn a living from doing ministry, butwhen anyone chooses to lay down his life to follow Jesus, it is never a part-time commitment.

Unfortunately, the concept of full-time Christian ministry has often been reduced to those who choose ministry as a vocation. But if this is our view, we will never get enough boots on the ground to impact our nation and our world. In 2005, 17.5 million students enrolled in U.S. colleges. Of those students, about nine percent were enrolled in “religiously-affiliated” colleges. The vast majority of college-bound students, even among the young people in our churches, are going to a state university or secular private college.

Statistics like these need not be so daunting if we integrate the concept of the priesthood of all believers into the life and ministry of the church. Imagine this. In your youth group, there are 10 students graduating. One has decided to pursue vocational ministry and heads off to a Christian college. The other nine enter several different state universities. All move into this new phase with the idea they are in training for full-time ministry because your church emphasizes that as Christians we are all ministers. The Christian college student has set his mind on being a local church minister, while the others are planning to enter the fields of medicine, architecture, education, accounting, business, engineering, graphic design, sports administration, and music performance.

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