Posted by: Justin Wallace | April 20, 2010

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I love hearing stories. Each is unique. Every story shows the creativity of God.

The New York Times has been doing something that has caught my attention. They are sharing the stories of the people in New York City. It’s called One in 8 million. Here’s the link…

Each student has a story. Have you asked to hear their story?

Do you have a way for them to share their story with the rest of the community?

Do you have an outlet for storytellers? Artists? Photographers?

How are you telling the stories of life-change?



  1. This is a great thought. We’ve seen God write some amazing stories here at NC State this year, I gotta find a way to capture those!

    On the fly, I’m thinking we’ll get a written story and take a few photographs. But, I’ve got some students who are creatives, I’ll be sure to check with them.

    I’ll be sure to share the results. Thanks for the post!

  2. Reminds me of The Story Project on NPR and the corresponding Story Corps:

    A few years before my grandfather passed away I was able to record about 2 hours of he and my grandmother on film talking about their life. One of my prized possessions.

    He even told a story that he told me to play at his funeral, so we did…he confessed that a practical joke that had been played on him, he already new about and played them in the process! Amazing way to celebrate his life.

  3. I like this post…

    but no mention of The Moth???

    Seriously though, I like this post. Its simple but it gets a great point across.

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