Posted by: Justin Wallace | April 13, 2010

ResourceRoom :: Neue Magazine

Relevant Magazine released a new magazine series a little over a year ago called Neue Magazine.

It is a great resource. Great articles. Great ideas. Great thoughts. Great writers. Very diverse. And worth the money.

For $25 you can get a year subscription. A year subscription includes 4 issues that are the size of a book.

I would highly recommend you subscribing today and see what you think.

To get started just click the picture above to go to the website.

Here’s what the website says about the magazine ::

IN EVERY ISSUE OF NEUE, we focus on the ideas shaping the future of the Church. It’s an essential collection of thought-provoking and practical content from thought leaders and innovators around the globe. In each issue you’ll find:

  • NEUES—Current events and research that impacts and inspires what you do.
  • Practical advice from our “How To…” series.
  • Articles with big ideas, practical application & sound theological counsel.
  • One-on-one talks with leaders and creatives both inside and outside the Church.
  • Interactive commentary guiding you to act, think or discuss on every page.
  • Recommended resources and finds to keep your finger on the pulse.

Neue is unlike anything you’ve seen before—and you won’t want to miss an issue!



  1. ab.solutely worth it! I subscribed when they first started doing Neue. Its a fantastic resource!

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