Posted by: Justin Wallace | March 15, 2010

The Art of Brainstorming :: Stop Drawing Stick People // by Scott Hale

A couple months ago we featured a series of posts exploring The Art of Brainstorming. You can go back and read the previous posts here :: Part 1 // by Justin Wallace :: Part 2 // by Benson Hines :: Part 3 // by PC Walker :: Part 4 // by Dave Milam

This past week I came across a new blog by Scott Hale and I was reminded of the conversation about brainstorming.

Scott is a vibrant young marketing professional specializing in online strategy   and social networks. He is passionate about engaging online communities and maximizing the potential of social media.

His blog titled Stop Drawing Stick People struck me as fresh and encouraging. I thought we here at Heart of Campus Ministry would benefit from reading it. He gave me full permission to use his post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

At what age did you start drawing stick people? Drawing your first stick person is kind of like the opposite of the first time you stood up to walk. Rather than progress from rolling to sliding to crawling to walking, you regress from drawing (or attempting to draw) the way you see things to drawing stereotyped figures to drawing stick people.

Most psychologists agree that we draw stick figures because we lose confidence in our artistic ability at some age. Ok, no big deal. We’re not all artists. But notice – we don’t choose to draw stick people because we can’t draw…we do it because we aren’t confident. Continue Reading…


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