Posted by: naccm | February 25, 2010

10,000 and Counting…

From October through February, this collaborative blogging effort, just passed the 10,000 view mark, averaging over 1600 views a month.  An exciting and humbling landmark for HOCM blog.

A special thank-you goes out to the hard work of Justin Wallace at Impact Charlotte and Brandon Smith at Northwest MO State.  Their excitement, idea generating, and time spent developing ideas and tapping other people with great resources has kept us rolling!  We’re blessed to have such team-minded young leaders in the ACM!

We’re also very thankful to those who have written guest blogs, commented and offered suggestions along the way…keep them coming!  It is the collective conversation that makes the effort worthwhile.

A few weeks ago I was visiting with a group of chaplains and Dr. Robert Randolph, who is now the Chaplain to the Institute at MIT after serving 20+ years as a Dean of Students at the Institute.   The conversation was basically a collective lament of the devolving of language to tweets and blogs.

Dr. Randolph commented that there is no way he could blog daily, because he doesn’t have that much to say worth reading (humble even if not entirely true), and that it seems pretty self-indulgent for anyone to think they might have that much to say worth others reading.  I agree to a great extent.

However, team blogging…sharing ideas together…collaborating…expanding our collective resources to become better followers of Christ and consequently better campus ministers has given me a new appreciation for this craft of blogging.

Our hopes for the blog are not grandiose:  simply facilitate a collaborative environment to become more like Jesus and consequently better teachers, leaders and pastors to college and university students.  Hopefully 10,000+ views has done some of that and there will be more to come.



  1. I definitely appreciate all y’all’s work and your great blog. I “brag” about it regularly. The only reason you don’t have even MORE hits is because we in college ministry aren’t always the learners we should be – but I’m hopeful that’s improving!

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