Posted by: Justin Wallace | February 19, 2010

Critics :: We all need an editor

To be honest, I’m not a fan of criticism. It hurts. It points out things that I’m trying to run from, hide from, and ignore. I don’t really like to be questioned or challenged.

I find myself cringing even when someone edits a support letter or blog entry. I want it to be perfect the first time, without anyone’s help.

Critics can come in all shapes and sizes. They can have their own agenda. They can want what is best for me. They might just like to complain. They might see the thing behind the thing that I can’t see because I’m too far in to the thing.

What I have learned is this…we all need critics. I can’t do ministry with out them. The reality is I won’t ever be able to escape them.

So, I try to surround myself with a team that I trust. A team that believes in me. A team that has my back. A team that is passionate about what I am passionate about. A group of people that want to see me succeed.

I continue to learn that critical feedback is necessary if we want to continue growing and being effective in the future.

As I have been dealing with my heart and my reaction and/or response to critics a friend of mine pointed out a great chapter from the book by Leonard Sweet called 11: Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without .

This is must read chapter about why it is necessary for us the have an editor in our life. It looks at the difference between having an editor and having an accountability partner. It’s great stuff! I hope you enjoy.

You can find the chapter here –> Who’s your Nathan? You need an editor.



  1. Very interesting Justin, I’m like you, I cringe every time someone finds anything wrong with any of my work. I suppose now that I think about it though, my closest circle of friends and I are all each others critics, and thats better for all of us.

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