Posted by: Justin Wallace | February 15, 2010

How do you determine a quality campus ministry?

by :: Cadmus Sorrell

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Last week, Dave Ferguson, Pastor of Community Christian Church in Naperville, IN, asked a great question on his Twitter. “Is there a list of quality campus ministries?”

A few of us wondered about how quality in college ministry is defined. I submit that a discussion of quality would lead to a presentation of the variety of differences among college ministries and the schools and students that they serve.

Are those differences positive or negative? If we determine that all college ministries are similar in that they share the same Kingdom foundation qualities, then we can accept and even encourage any differences without their reflecting negatively on the overall quality of the college ministries.

So then, how do we determine quality in a campus ministry?

Here are some possibilities for evaluation:

How much emphasis is placed on doctrine?

How deep should the Bible lessons be each week?

Is discipleship emphasized with the expectation of disciples that make disciples?

How involved are the students with decision making and the actual preaching and teaching of the ministry?

Is the ministry viewed as a holding tank to get the students through college “safely”?

Is evangelism emphasized as part of the students life and not just the ministry staff?

In what direction are the programs focused?

Are Bible studies, praise and fellowship events advertised to the public but are mostly made up of the same participants each week?

How well does the ministry connect with other student organizations made up of nonbelievers, such as humanist, atheist, pagan and so on?

How well does the ministry handle cultural diversity?

Does the ministry focus weekly on serving the campus and surrounding community?

Is there a focus on gathering donations for the needy?

If we seek to determine the quality of a college ministry, several factors affect our decision. As varied as the schools that we have across the country and the variety of degrees and students at each school, our assessment of quality will also be varied.

The best way to determine quality is to continue asking the hard questions. Ask yourself tough questions. Ask your team tough questions. Put yourself on the line and ask your students to evaluate the quality of the campus ministry. Here are some more question that might be helpful.

Do you routinely assess your ministry and how often do you do it?

What needs are you faced with that determine where you place your focus?

How do you determine quality in your ministry?

How do your students rate the quality of your ministry?

Would they say that all of their needs are met in one ministry or do they choose from a buffet of ministries?

How would they rate minister availability and trustworthiness?

Do they view their campus ministry as available for sanctuary in difficult times where they can find understanding and loving counsel?


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