Posted by: naccm | January 29, 2010

STAT – 27%

27% is the percent of college students enrolled in two-year or community colleges.

Community college enrollment was up nearly 12% from 2007-2008 while four-year college enrollment was virtually unchanged.

Pew Research



  1. When I moved to California about 7 years ago, I was very surprised to see the mentality students grow up with here.

    You are trained in high school to actually begin your college search at the community or junior colleges. That is what high school counselors lead students to do.

    You are trained here to go to a 2 year university for a year or 2, do your gen. ed and then decide which 4 year university you want to transfer to.

    Problem is that many students never move on past junior college and are content with their associates or whatever they can get at the junior college.

    Oh, and the problem that it just creates a statewide culture of commuter-driven campus. Even the state school most of my students go to (Sacramento State) is still largely commuter.

  2. We are in the midst of planning for planting a campus ministry at local community college in Oklahoma City. There are 14,000 students enrolled this year, making the 2-year school the 5th largest in the state behind OU, OSU, Tulsa Community College and UCO.

    There is a need to share the Gospel at 2-year schools and the manner in which it is shared may not look like what is done at 4-year universities but we still need to find a way to do it.

  3. Cadmus :: What’s your strategy? We have a school very similar to that here in Charlotte that I have thought about reaching out to. I would love to hear about ideas.

    • Hey Justin, I’m really fired up about this and could go on for a long time about what’s happening but I’ll try to be respectful and be brief.

      This is uncharted territory for me and my church so we’ve spent a lot of time praying, brainstorming and researching. We’ve taken the approach of missionaries to a foreign culture in that we seek to learn their needs beyond the Gospel.

      I don’t want to accept the general view that community college makes it impossible to foster, well, community. I believe that to see success in this ministry we have to become part of the culture, or tribe, and not approach it as outsiders.

      Some things we’re doing/planning to plant this ministry:

      Working to build and maintain a “good reputation”. This may seem a little obvious, but there are only 2 other Christian “clubs” at OCCC and no other religious groups. There is almost a void of spiritual activity on the campus. But we already know that people have opinions and experiences with Christians, or religion. We hope the ministry will be a blessing to all of the campus, not just students, so we’re working to make connections with faculty and staff.

      To help make connections with students, I’m taking a couple of classes on campus. I’ve been spending a lot of time on campus at the coffee shop and other areas but wasn’t able to build strong links. This also helps connect with faculty.

      The school, like any other, requires clubs to be formed and applications submitted to Student Life. This will help us get the word out and also we want to play by the school’s rules. With myself and students from Christian churches who are already attending we can meet the minimum membership. I think I’ve also found a faculty sponsor.

      I’m using Neil Cole’s Life Transformation Group approach for discipleship. After we form the club we’ll start having lunch and evening conversations on a variety of topics for anyone to attend.

      For the past few years we’ve been having area-wide young adult worship nights. This has been in an effort to fill the void for 20-somethings ministry at our churches. We’ll continue to do this at OCCC and we are blessed with several worship leaders who are willing to participate. That way we can rotate the groups and provide variety.

      Since we’re starting without a building we’ll be doing almost everything on campus. I think this will help form a community connected to the campus. Our goal is to have a worship service Sunday night, October, 10th in the campus theater.

      We have more in the works but these are the big items we’re approaching this year. It’s hard to brief about this but I would love to continue the conversation.

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