Posted by: Brandon | January 19, 2010

ResourceRoom :: Eats with Sinners

What if we don’t need a new strategy for evangelism?
What if we don’t need a new tool?

What if we just got back to something basic…like food?

Evangelism. If you’re students are like my students, just the mention of the “e-word” freaks them out just a bit. It invokes images of pounding pulpits and walking door-to-door.

I discovered a book this winter. I read the book. I loved the book. I adopted the theme of the book for our spring teaching this semester.

The book is called Eats with Sinners. (website / Amazon) It’s by a guy named Arron Chambers. The book is challenging. The book is practical. The book is biblical. And most likely, the book is something you and your students need to read.

For this week’s ResourceRoom, I shamelessly point you to my blog to read a more in-depth review of the book.



  1. Our staff just had a conversation about our need for more of this last night. Thanks for the resource!!

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