Posted by: Justin Wallace | January 14, 2010

Thursday3 :: CCF @ East Carolina University

1.  Tell us about your campus and campus ministry.

In the fall of 2000 East Carolina University had an enrollment of 18,000 students.  The administrations put forth a vision to grow the school by 50% in 10 years.  In the fall of 2009 total enrollment was over 27,000.  In those 10 years ECU has also grown from its nickname of “EZ-U” into a prominent university students desire to graduate from.  ECU attracts students seeking degrees in education, nursing, art, theatre, music, business, construction management, computer sciences, and pre-med.  In the 1980’s and ‘90’s, East Carolina was ranked by many in the Top Ten Party Schools in the nations.  Through its growth the school has sought to overcome this stigma.

Campus Christian Fellowship at ECU seeks to REACH, IMPACT, and EQUIP students to make disciples on campus. However, we believe that if it ends when a student graduates, then we have failed.  Our hope is that what a student gains through CCF will equip them to lead in their workplace, the local church, at home, or on the mission field.  Our vision is to have students emailing and calling us years after they have graduated to tell us about the people they are discipling and how God is using them.

2.  What is your niche on campus and how are you reaching that niche?

ECU is home to about 20 campus ministries groups.  When we ask students why they chose CCF we usually hear it is a result of the spiritual encouragement they get from our staff taking time to get to know them and one-on-one discipleship, or because they feel they are getting strong biblical teaching taken directly from the scriptures. Ministering on a campus known regionally as a party school necessitates boldness and truth.  While the majority of our students come from “church backgrounds”, most have not been confronted with the gospel in a way that challenges the way they think and live.  Seeing this dynamic in action has also opened the door to building relationships with a number of students who have no church background at all, have never read the Bible or even heard what most would consider familiar Bible stories.

In the past couple of years we have taken some intentional steps to reach out to ECU’s international students.  We have hosted karaoke nights, picnics, picked students up at the airport, and invited them into our homes.

3.  What is your dream on a napkin?  What do you want CCF to look like in 5 years?

Simply put, we want to REACH, IMPACT, and EQUIP students, making disciples on campus who impact the world.  We want to train students for ministry and discipleship, that when they leave ECU they are equipped to lead in their local church, go into full-time ministry, or enter the mission field, mobilized to reach unreached people.

CCF @ ECU Staff ::

Kellar Stem – Lead Minister

Connie Gibbs – Women’s Minister

Jaime Sandlin – Women’s Minister


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