Posted by: naccm | January 7, 2010


Tell Us About your campus and your campus ministry niche in 100 words or less.

The Christian Campus House at Trine University is a tight-night group of 100-130 students who meet on a weekly basis to worship the Lord and fellowship together.  Trine is a small, mostly-engineering school, which has recently boosted their overall enrollment (to 1450) while continuing to balance the male-to-female ratio on campus (from mostly men to almost 30 or 40% women).  Our ministry niche is the family atmosphere students create with one another, as well as a great reputation with the University, and a growing relationship with the Greek community.  The Lord has blessed us!

Best/Unique Idea that has captured you in 100 words or less.

We’ve had some wonderful student-inspired and led outreach events in the last few years.  MXC (Most Extreme Challenge) was based on those Japanese game shows where contestants get dirty, wet, and bruised from various extreme challenges.  Our students created their own version and invited Campus to join in the fun.  Our students have also hosted an Annual Block Party with the fraternities across the street from our houses.  This is also an event open to campus, and has been a part of building great relationships with our Greek neighbors.

What is your dream on a napkin for 5 years in 100 words or less.

Our 5-year dream is to see this campus on fire for Christ, to see the Campus House continue to grow wide AND deep, and for students to leave this place as solid, Christian leaders, continuing to change the world for Christ!

Campus Minister: Travis Wilhelm

Women’s Director: Robyn Klepfer

Special Events Coordinator: Janet Warstler

Student Office Assistant: Dan Higginbotham


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