Posted by: Brandon | December 15, 2009

ResourceRoom :: Missional Campus Ministry

How do we integrate our faith on our campus? Better yet, how do equip our college students to integrate and live out their faith in an environment that can oftentimes be hostile towards those who love God.

Scot McKnight’s blog today tackles this question and offers a resource that may help us as we strive to lead students to integrate their life of faith with their other lives: academics, social, and so forth.

Read the post at Scot’s blog: “Missional Campus Ministry…Integration.”

In this post, another resource is mentioned. Intervarsity Press is releasing a series of books called The Christian Worldview Integration Series. The first book in this series was released at the end of October and is called “Education for Human Flourishing: A Christian Perspective.” These books are designed to help college students (and others in collegiate educations fields) integrate their faith into all avenues of their college careers.

Anybody going to pick up a copy of the book? (I’d love to discuss it with others!)

Anybody already read it? Thoughts?

How does your college ministry teach or train students to integrate, and truly live, their faith out on campus?



  1. I might end up reading it, even if I’m not serving in a Campus Ministry, though it will be a while before I would start. I’d rather read the second book that comes out in Feb. But even though I’m not in Campus Ministry, a lot of what it’s talking about is relevant to where I’m at, because I’m going to have to teach and Equip Church People to go out and meet their Community on their own terms as well. Gone are the days when we can send out flyers and put up adds to attract people. If the Church in Skidmore wants to reach people, it’s got to go to where they are and be the Church there, not invite people to come to where we are and expect them to come play church with us. That just doesn’t work anymore. And I honestly think that whether the Church here can do that or not will decide whether there is still a Church here in 5 to 10 years or not.

    Peace in Christ,


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