Posted by: Brandon | December 8, 2009

ResouceRoom :: Advent Conspiracy

Christmas can [still] change the world.”

This simple (yet profound) truth can be seen on the website for the Advent Conspiracy.

Have you not heard of the Advent Conspiracy? The premise is simple. This holiday season, do 4 things:

1) Worship Fully: Christmas, and everyday, begins and ends with Jesus.
2) Spend Less: America spends $450 billion (!) a year for Christmas. Christmas seems materialistic. This year, the challenge for each of us is to buy one less gift.
3) Give More: Instead of giving someone a gift that doesn’t fit out of obligation, consider giving something more; your time, a memory, a relationship, or a handmade gift.
4) Love All: Perhaps you could take the money that you saved from not buying another sweater or necktie, and give it to someone who has a real need, like medical care, clean water, or food?

If you are like me, you have one more chance to challenge the students in your ministry before they go home for the Christmas break. Make this your challenge.

See the Advent Conspiracy website.


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